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Rebecca’s Story

January 14, 2020

I found myself during the later end of 2017, having to ask Fife Women’s Aid for help. I found the service and staff to be extremely welcoming. All staff couldn’t do enough to ensure I was settled. Even when I was being repetitive about events that caused my relationship to end, the help-line was a godsend. The person on the other end of the phone
always listened but also gave constructive advice. I appreciated the conservation we had as it certainly made me realise that nothing was my fault. In turn this had a positive impact, for example, gaining strength, increased self esteem and confidence.

Another service which I found beneficial was the befriending service. I realise that this service may not be for everyone, however it helped me immensely. Not only did I find my befriender easy to talk to, she also allowed me to be guided by how I was feeling on the day. As we continued to meet, we formed a friendship that has continued on after the service had ended… This service alone is so helpful in learning to trust again, laugh again but most of all feel good about yourself.

To conclude, words can’t express just how grateful I am to Fife Women’s Aid. What started off as a negative has been the most positive experience…I now have control of my own life which is so empowering…thank you.


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