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Fife Women’s Aid (FWA) is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and secure environment for its service users, those who work in the organisation and its representatives. The organisation does not condone any form of abusive behaviour, intimidation or aggression either within the organisation or in connection with external stakeholders. It is important to remember that such behaviour can be in person, by telephone, letter or e-mail.

We will always seek to act in accordance with the principles of fairness, honesty, integrity, kindness and respect. We expect that all individuals involved with the organisation will adhere to this policy and act in accordance with these principles.

As an organisation, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that staff (paid employees) and any representatives of FWA (trustees, volunteers, students on placement, and ambassadors) are not subjected to any unacceptable or abusive behaviour either from external individual or groups or from staff members or FWA representatives. For an organisation that deals with domestic abuse, it is not acceptable for any of its staff or representatives to be exposed to abusive behaviour or to promote an aggressive attitude within the organisation. To this effect, FWA has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of harassment or abuse towards any of its staff or FWA representatives.