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A gift in your will really does make a lasting difference to future generations.

The services that Fife Women’s Aid provide would not be possible without the kindness and generosity of those who have made donations.

There are three main types of legacies:

Residuary legacy – The amount left over in your estate after all other pecuniary legacies and gifts have been made and administrative costs have been deducted

Pecuniary legacy – A specific or fixed sum of money

Specific legacy – An item or share of an item such as your house, car, jewellery or shares

If you already have a will, it is possible to add a charitable legacy using a simple form called a codicil. Your solicitor should advise you to ensure that your legacy is recorded correctly.

To ensure Fife Women’s Aid receives your gift, please provide your solicitor or will writer with the following information.

Registered name: Fife Women’s Aid. Registered office: suite 1, first floor, Saltire House, Pentland Park, Glenrothes KY6 2AL Charity number: SCO11689.

We recognise that making a will is a personal decision and fully respect your privacy. However, if you have decided to include Fife Women’s Aid in your will, we would be very pleased to have the opportunity to acknowledge and thank you now. To discuss your legacy plans, please contact Kate McCormack on 01383 732289 or email [email protected]

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