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Fundraise for Fife Women’s Aid

Do something you love and help women and children to recover from the impact of domestic abuse.

Without amazing people like you, we couldn’t be there for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

Raising money to help Fife Women’s Aid makes such a difference. Every penny means we can provide more support – in the community and to families in refuge

How We Can Help

Letter of authority
We will provide you with a letter of authority for your event. You may need this if you are hiring a venue or if you are gathering prizes for a raffle.

Collection Tins
We will provide you with labelled collection tins for use in street collections or other events. Please ensure you have the relevant permission from the local authority or private landlord, if applicable.

Please contact us on 01383 732289 or at [email protected] to lets us know what you need

Things You Need to Know

Raffles/Lotteries and Prize Draws
There are strict legal requirements around these. Please check this link for further information:

If you are aged under 18
Please be aware there are some things you cannot do if you are under 18. It may be a good idea to have an adult on hand to help. Please note you cannot be involved in fundraising events that holds raffles, involves alcohol or carries out street collections.

Health and Safety
Depending what you are doing, you may need to carry out a risk assessment before your event takes place. This is to help you work out what might cause harm or problems during your activity and to give you time to get in place any precautions you may need before your event. This is particularly important if your activity involves food. You may need to speak to your local environmental health officer beforehand. If in doubt check with your local authority.

Data Protection
You must respect the confidentiality of anyone taking part in your event. If you have names and contact numbers for participants for example, these must be kept securely. Don’t share information about anyone without permission. Check out this link for further information:

One Last Thing
Please remember you are fundraising to support Fife Women’s Aid and while we are very grateful unfortunately we cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury to yourself or others while taking part in your event. Please contact us on 01383 732289 if you need to discuss this further.

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