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Leah’s poem

September 4, 2020

Isolated at home with only my thoughts

Life was terrible hard

Then the opportunity came in the form of a ‘zoom’

To talk and explore and the chance to grow


We were asked to write down what our hopes would be

So we could see how far we could grow

So I had a moment and began to wonder

What could this do for me


So my first thing was to be comfortable and be able to trust

Then came a safe place to share what I wrote (If I could)

Next was just people to interact with and not feel so alone

And most important of all was to learn who I was again


The anxiety was real and the panic set in

A new way to interact with my peers

But very soon the feelings started to ease

And I was glad that I had joined


So week after week we met up on the screen

And relationships started to grow

And soon my creativeness started to show


All too soon a sad topic came up

As ‘endings’ was the end of the show

But what I had gained and how much I had grown

Made the ‘ending’ much easier to swallow


So Monday mornings are bleak with the loss of my ‘zoom’

But I have to remember with out ‘endings’ new things can’t start to grow

So it was time to build on those hopes and myself

Time to start something new


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