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Claire’s Poem

February 22, 2022


It’s never what you think, it creeps up slowly,

Starts over them telling you how to do dishes in the sink,

And before you’ve had time to blink they’re telling you what you think,

They tell you without them you can’t wear those things and you can’t live.

You go along with it, thinking you’re being good, doing right by the one by your side.

If you stay quiet there will be no fight, you stop standing up for your rights,

You just want to do right by the one by your side.

Little do you know they’re diminishing your light.

Taking away, piece by piece, what little joy you have inside.

Making you feel like without them there’s no life.

Until, suddenly you remember one day what life was like,

Without them by your side and you remember

That even then you were just fine.

You had a spark, you had some fight, mornings were bright.

Then it ebbs away at you at night..maybe that this one just ain’t right.

The things they do to you, they aren’t just fine.

You’ve let someone extinguish your light.

If you stand up now though and run

It’ll be alright, they can’t hurt you forever

If you’re still alive you still can fight.

If you have to you’ll disappear in the night

When your heart finally listens and you gain your sight

We all know too well that love is blind,

This is what they mean, turning a blind eye to things that aren’t right

Because you want to do right by the one by your side.

But remember it’s okay to fight for your rights,

Never let anyone dim your light even if they say its right.

Don’t let them make you feel small for too long.

If you’re still here then you are strong and no matter what they say

You’ll have the strength to move on.


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