I have joined the FWA Board in January 2019 and hope to contribute to FWA’s long-term strategy and growth. I have been working within the area of reputational risk management and corporate governance for over 25 years, advising corporate clients on issues of corporate governance, sustainability and reputational risk. I have extensive international experience and a specialist knowledge promoting social responsibility within the business strategy of corporate entities.

I exited my company at the end of 2018 in order to focus on my volunteering interests. As a Trustee of FWA, I hope to incorporate my skills and expertise within the work of the organisation and work alongside the other Trustees and senior management to ensure its strategy is realised.

I live in St. Andrews with my husband and spending most of my time volunteering for my two main passions: environment and the welfare of disadvantaged and displaced people. Aside from my role as a Trustee of FWA, I am also a Trustee for Impact Funding Partners, and also the St. Andrews Community Trust and co-ordinator of the ‘Towards a Plastic Free St. Andrews’ initiative. I am also currently authoring a business guide on Corporate Governance and Reputational Management for senior executives.