I joined the Board in December 2019, having been a supporter of the charity in a small way over the last ten years.

I am a qualified chartered accountant and associate member of Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Originally from Aberdeen, I moved down here to work in Financial Services.  I have worked for various banks in Edinburgh with a three-year spell in America.  Throughout my career I have had a strong focus on social responsibility, particularly in the housing sector.  In my leisure time I knit (a lot!) and have used my hobby to help fund the building of houses around the world.  I’ve had the privilege of travelling to various countries to personally help in the build of 8 of those homes.

Having suffered a couple of family bereavements in recent years I decided during 2019 it was time to change my work life balance.

I want to bring my corporate financial knowledge to Fife Women’s Aid, perhaps not surprisingly I sit on the Finance Sub committee. I am also part of the Policy Sub group.