My first job was as a PA to the MD of a Gun Smith that still exists in the centre of Edinburgh and then with an Accountancy firm also in Edinburgh until I had my first daughter in 1985. I joined Bank of Scotland in 1991 as a contact centre agent but left 6 months later. I went back to college with a view to going to secondary school to teach business studies but I got side-tracked by training and development module and ultimately HR.

I went back to Bank of Scotland in 1997 and stayed for 19 years. While working there I saw the merger with Halifax and then the take-over by Lloyds at the time of the global financial crash in 2008. My HR experience has been very much recruitment and case management for 7 contact centres across Scotland.

I requested and was given Voluntary Redundancy 2 years ago and took a 10 month sabbatical – travelling world-wide for 10 weeks and making 3 bridesmaids dresses for my daughter’s wedding.

I have two daughters – Elizabeth and Jennifer. Elizabeth has just given me my first grandchild and my daughter Jennifer is getting married in 2018.